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Private Clients and Corporate Collections


We develop and maintain existing art collections for individuals and businesses such as corporations, law firms, associations, and developers. This includes collaborating with the client to establish the style parameters with emphasis on acquiring the highest quality art work within budget. In addition to planning for and acquiring art, we will oversee digital collection management, framing and installation of artworks. We also work with specialists in conservation, appraisal, art lighting.

In addition to working with corporate clients and their collections, 

we welcome the opportunity to work with developers, architects,

and municipalities in public art master planning and commissioning works of art for interior and exterior public spaces. Public projects may range from large scale outdoor artworks to dynamic interior lobby spaces.​

Commercial Exhibitions - Temporary or Rotational


RRACR curates temporary exhibitions in both public and private spaces. Services include artist selection, exhibition planning, writing

of publicity materials, installation, and sales.

Pop Up Art Exhibitions & Events


  • Temporary exhibitions designed for businesses & organizations as a cultural enrichment for their environment.

  • An exhibition and artists talk that helps raise awareness and/or      funds for charitable causes.

  • An exhibition created for an artist that directly connects the work to a specific industry. 


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