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We hope that you find the answer to your questions below. If not, please contact us.


How do I work with an Art Consultant or Advisor?

Many times clients are too busy to visit galleries, other times they may not trust their own selection, or partners have trouble finding a way to agree on art, or they really want their designer or architect to also approve of the work. Those are all good reasons to work with a consultant.

Our expertise includes years of experience and relationships within the contemporary art industry. We can assist you with art acquisition, and curation, as well as offering personal consultation in your art investment and collection development. We also help rearrange, perhaps re-frame, and install work you already own to freshen your home or office, creating balance and flow within your space.

What if I haven't seen the work in person, how am I guaranteed that I'll like it?

In choosing art to live with, it is a very personal process. We do our best to understand the mood or style you are looking for and provide the art work that fits your space and your requirements. Lighting makes a big difference as does the sheen/finish of the work. We provide high resolution image sheets and can also digitally mock up the art in a photo of the planned location. We can also arrange for viewing the work onsite. In this case the client will incur shipping costs.

Do you do work long distance? 

Yes. We can ship wold wide. With computer technology, we can digitally mock up a room that shows you what the art will look like in place. If you provide an image of where the piece or pieces will go, we can virtually install and create the room as close as possible to the real installation without having any shipping cost. From that point, the choice of acquisition can be much easier.


How do you get paid for your services? 

I am flexible. Normally I get a percentage of the price of the art work purchased. I can also work on an hourly basis. With the definition of the size and scope of the project I can estimate the time and rate of service requested.

Is there a project that is too big or too small for you? 

I won't know until I am asked. Timing and schedule will come into play. I would love to put a team together to handle large scale projects as well as handling individual projects on my own. 

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